S.D. MECCANICA S.r. l. Officina meccanica di precisione, costruzione ed assemblaggio di attrezzature meccaniche
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Company presentation

 - S.D. MECCANICA S.r. l.

S.D. MACCANICA was born in 1989 as the result of previous experience gained by its founders. The activity begins in Crespellano (BO) and in 1997, to meet the increase in demand for machining, it is moved to its current headquarters in Monteveglio (BO) Via Grazia Deledda 4/1. The company consists of two partners. Friendly, experienced, open-minded, competent and expert craftsmen, they offer "customized" services, just like talking about tailor-made mechanics. In other words, we meet even the smallest customer's requirement, even providing him one or two special components actually manufactured "overnight", always different components, since the total non-standardization of designs. 

Our task

Our task - S.D. MECCANICA S.r. l.

S.D. MECCANICA specializes in producing components for well known Companies in the sector of mechanical engineering, packaging machines, food industry and precision machining. 


We carry out machining with machine tools. We turn rods, metal-sheets and drawn products made of all types of steel, stainless steel, aluminium alloys, copper and plastic material into components and machine parts, such as shafts, hubs, sleeves, etc. ...

Where required we offer any type of heat treatment, anodizing for aluminium alloys, polishing, sanitizing, pickling, galvanizing, burnishing, etc. ... The nature of the processed materials, especially stainless steel, requires the adoption of precision machining, achieving strict surface characteristics, as frequently intended for use in areas in direct contact with food.

Competent and experienced technical department

Competent and experienced technical department - S.D. MECCANICA S.r. l.

The company's technical department is well equipped with up-to-date hardware and software. Both the equipment and expertise ensure the perfect management of orders received, that are developed to prepare the production process in the best possible way. In particular, customer's designs are carefully studied to prepare the working sheets for the department. In addition to the management of the orders, the department is also responsible for their scheduling, to ensure the customer great timely and fast deliveries.

Great collaboration and impeccable quality

Great collaboration and impeccable quality - S.D. MECCANICA S.r. l.

One of the strengths particularly appreciated by customers is the great collaboration that the company shows in every circumstance. Every need is met strictly, whether it is the realization of samples, the production of special urgent parts, etc.. Whatever the situation we are here ready with the best possible solution.


The company pays great attention to the quality of orders and in particular focuses its efforts to the scrupulous compliance with the technical characteristics of the customer's drawings, and related quality standards they require.